Thursday, March 26, 2009

Animation and Art Update:
- I am currently taking an animation class with Keith Lango, It is great!! I am learning a lot. i have only one week left so I will post my finished animations then.
- Image Metrics has also hired Angie Jones, in the past 3 days I have learned so much all ready. I am really excited to see where this all goes.
- I am also figure drawing 2x a month at Image Metrics. We have hired a figure drawing model. Drawings posted soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life Update:
I'm still at Image Metrics, working on video games. Also I am working on a couple logo designs in trade for some music for Love.mel. I am also going to start taking a ballet class at SMC next week and an online animation class. Life is flying by!
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Last year I was working on benjamin button. However i didnt get film credit but I do have quite a few shots that I animated. Here is a link to the website
Also check out my website for my latest demo reel.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is one of the many projects that I work on at Image Metrics, however this was the only project that I was the sole animator for and my own lead. I did both lead singers for most of the commercial. I think the last shot is one of the only ones I didn't do. Click HERE to see the article from CG Society and watch the commercial. We worked on the first Rockband as well and another commercial for passion, but I am not sure if that has come out yet. Enjoy

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Art and Animation Coming Soon!!

Well the past few months have been crazy busy!!! Image Metrics gave us the go ahead to make a short film, so Matt is Directing, and I have been acting producer. There is a group of animators and artist at Image Metrics that are all working really hard to try to make a good short film.
Thank you to Asako, Polet, Sean, Rob, Charyssa and Shogi who don't work for Image Metrics who have helped us so Much. The film is called love.mel. Hopefully we will be showing it at Siggraph this year at the Image Metrics Booth!!!!!
I have been animating 7 days a week and I feel great. It feels good to have something that I am passionate about again.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The last few drawing classes:

All of these drawings are around 20-30 min. These were the last 3 weeks of class. there was a week in between these 2 lady's where we drew this man that was a complete drama queen. Hope you like these drawings there was 6 of them but Matt got one for his birthday. One of these days I will have to take it out of its frame and scan it.
I am pleased with where I got in this drawing class. If it wasn't for the hour and a half commute after working 8 hours I might take it for longer then one semester a year.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Week 3
These drawings were the longest poses I have done so far. I am starting to get more into drawing faces and hands and feet. That is my mission for this class.

Week 2
This model had some great poses. I think she used to be a dancer. We did a lot of quick ones in this class.

Week 1
I started taking a Karl Gnass Class at the American Animation Institute on 9/17. these drawings are from the first week. it has been over a year since I had taken figure drawing. I don't think I started out too bad.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Siggraph 2007
San Diego Ca

Art Institute was putting on life drawing classes during Siggraph. So I attended one. This was my first experience using a wacom for life drawing but I got some ok results! drawings range from 1-7 min. Enjoy!

The top gestures are 1 min all the way to the 7 min pose at the bottom.